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Metamask Testnet

Mar 7, 2022 9:25 AM

Testnet, and why is it important

Many people still have insufficient bank to feel comfortable in NFT and other crypto topics.

Testnet is your assistant to earn your first money or increase your capital.

🔸 So, what is a testnet?

Testnet is a test network that was created to prevent bugs, and due to the loss of money, before going to the Mainnet.

🔸 How to make money on this ?

A lot of projects launch test networks before going to the Mainnet.

In most cases, they do not have testers, and the testers are simple users. To encourage participation in the test network, projects often reward us with tokens.

➕ Advantages of participating in the test network:

- You don't lose your money

- Good rewards. In most cases, starting $50

➖ Cons:

- You're spending much time

- Unstable conditions

- They can tell us "thank you for participating" and that will be it, nothing else

Summing up, you can take a closer look at this topic of additional earnings, because it costs nothing to make a couple of clicks and leaving a review