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Upcoming NFT Projects

Jul 26, 2022 2:27 PM

The NFT market, and cryptocurrency in general, has made quite the splash in recent months. A new form of trade and finance for the 21st century, in 2022 it has established duelling reputations as a both a futuristic new way to do business and an incomprehensible minefield. It is true that for first timers the NFT market can appear difficult to navigate, but we are here to help.

If you are currently looking to invest in some upcoming NFT projects well we might just have some suggestions for you. The market place is ever changing, and so it is important to know what you are looking for and how valuable it is. Here are some of the more exciting investments you could make in the NFT world.

Awesome Possums comprises a new collection of 12,000 unique digital collectibles which has a global focus on addiction recovery initiatives, as well as mental health awareness. By buying in, you gain access to a remarkable array of investors, artists, visionaries, venture capitalists, collectors and entrepreneurs.

Breaking down what you can expect from Awesome Possums, of the 12,000 unique collectibles around 2,000 are hyperrealistic while 10,000 are rare. 3,000 are due to be distributed to early adopters as well as winners of various events which the project will be hosting. Community Generous giveaways are a main focus here, so look out for games, scholarships and more.

Another really great benefit of investing in Awesome Possums is access to a private discord channel in which you will be able to share ideas and initiatives with numerous partners across the mental health community. Among the organisations taking part in this are Child Mind, Natural High and Rethink Stigma.

Awesome Possums does intend to launch a charity focused on addiction treatment and recovery. Their aim is to fully fund the complete treatment of addicts who seek help. Together with a future VR game; Awesome Possums The Road, and many more giveaways and charitable donations, this looks to be one project that might just give back as much as it gets to the community.

Another interesting NFT collection which is about to come onto the market is the Rêves de Soie set. This is the first ever NFT collection from French fashion house Christian Lacroix, who will be teaming up with luxury NFT studio Exclusible to create the collection. Everyone who buys into this set will receive a unique, handmade Carrés scarf.

Of particular note to NFT watchers will be the Coolman's Universe: Babies collection. Coming hot off the heels of the Coolman's Universe NFT collection by Danny Casale, which proved tremendously popular when it went on sale, this spin off will be sure to delight fans. This is especially true considering that half of the new NFTs will go to those who hold original Coolmans.

There is good news for anyone who didn't get a chance to invest in the very popular VeeFriends collection from Gary Vaynerchuk. Designed around the entrepreneurs' business and creative passions, they sold over 10,000 tokens initially. Now there is a season 2 launching, and demand is certainly high for more of these NFT essentials.

Each NFT contains a trait which Vaynerchuk believes are key to happiness and success. As business is nurtured through friendship, as well as kindness and empathy, the collection is known as Friends. A variety of extra features, including a free box of collectible trading cards, will be sure to appeal to the intrepid NFT peruser.

Moonbirds has been described as one of the most beloved NFT projects of 2022. Built with utility and commonality as the principle features, this collection features various use cases, which unlock as the project progresses. The longer you hold onto your Moonbird, the more benefits and perks will come your way.

Interestingly, Moonbirds offers the intrepid investor something fun to play with. The PFP design of this collection, unique in the NFT world, allows you to store your Moonbird in your wallet while it accrues value and rewards. In time it will be upgraded to new awards and new nests, which in turn provide larger drops and bigger rewards. Certainly one to keep your eye on.

Now for an intriguing new collection. Silks is an ambitious NFT set which aims to bring the world of thoroughbred horse racing into the metaverse. Derivative NFTs are designed to mirror real world thoroughbreds by integrating data sets representing racing results, bloodlines and training progress onto the blockchain through the process of data mining.

In a way this particular collection always us all to indulge our inner farmer or jockey. The NFTs represent not only horses but also land and stables, which means you could theoretically rent out your NFT stable and allow those who own NFT horses to make use of your property for a nominal fee. The futuristic nature of this collection is sure to fire the imagination of potential investors.

Finally, we come to a truly evergreen NFT collection. Nouns has been going for a while now, and by launching a new word, thus a new NFT, every single day it ensures that it remains topical and intriguing always. What is truly remarkable about this collection is how it is structured and its ambition for the benefit of those who purchase it.

Each day a new Noun NFT is auctioned off, and the proceeds from the primary sale are sent into the community treasury. By purchasing an NFT you then become a member of the Nouns DAO, and each single NFT you own counts for one vote you get to cast in community decision making. This on chain avatar community is certainly bold in its initiative.

The wider world of NFT collections is growing all the time. Today we have provided examples of those which seek to help the community at large, or offer an intriguing new slant on the current cryptocurrency boom. For more information on what is currently hot in the NFT market, as well as general advice on how to navigate NFTs, please pay us a visit today!