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Top Pick: Disney NFT Drops!

Aug 4, 2022 4:13 PM

You know that something’s here to stay when the biggest brands in the entire world start getting in on the act… and it seems that this is indeed the case with NFTs right now, as the likes of Nike, Ray-Ban, McDonald’s and a whole host of others are now launching their own NFT projects to get in on the act.

The latest household name to join the NFT ranks is none other than Disney, a company that has long had a proud history of incredible storytelling and beautiful animation… so, of course, the NFT marketplace is a natural fit for old Walt and co.

Disney NFTs were first launched in 2021 and, perhaps predictably, they took the world by storm. Everyone wanted a piece of the action and, consequently, digital collectibles from Disney are now worth millions upon millions.

The company has teamed up with blockchain marketplace partner VeVe, which has past experience in dealing with NFTs, having worked with Marvel on a series of collections based on superhero comics and capers.

Because Disney works with the cream of the crop where creatives are concerned, you can bet your bottom dollar that their NFTs are beautiful to behold - and a real feather in the cap of any NFT collection.

All sorts of collections have been dropped in the last year or so and there’s certainly no signs that Disney will be stopping any time soon. You’re sure to be able to get your hands on some amazing Disney NFT drops in next to no time. Before you know it, you’ll have amassed an incredible collection!

Do some browsing and check out the likes of Mickey and Friends, The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection, Disney NFT Golden Moments, Pixar Pals, Disney Villains, Marvel NFT collections, Young Avengers and lots, lots more. Who knows what you could find?

Golden Moments is a particularly special project from Disney so one to keep an eye on for sure, telling the story of the history and achievements of the company. These NFTs are 3D gold statues that feature different characters, stories and moments… a truly stunning legacy for Disney to leave behind in the digital space.

Interestingly, this collection was launched in a blind box format, so buyers had no idea what statue they were in line to get until after the NFT was minted. The statues were ranked by rarity trait and the worth of each NFT is determined by this, ranging from common to ultra rare.

Don’t despair if these are out of your price range for now, however. Disney is always dropping new NFT collections! It’s also showcased a Valentine’s Day collection and Disney Duos, both earlier in 2022, featuring all sorts of amazing and well-loved characters from the likes of The Lion King, Winnie the Pooh and Beauty and the Beast.

For Disney purists, however, the Mickey Mouse NFT collection might be a great place to look for your next big NFT investments. This collection is a celebration of the animation studio’s first-ever synchronised sound cartoon to be aired on TV.

Series one features Steamboat Willie, including MIckey’s first public appearance in black and white at the helm of a ship. If you love nothing more than super old-school Disney aesthetics and original drawings, this is the collection for you.

Again, the range is based on rarity trait distribution, but there are lots of editions so make sure you check it out if you’re a die-hard Disney fan.

To buy Disney NFTs, you’ll need to download the VeVe app as this is the only place you’re able to purchase genuine tokens. You’re probably already well versed in the use of cryptocurrency but with the VeVe app you need to use the platform’s own currency - Gems.

All you need to do is set up an account on VeVe and then buy yourself some Gems (where one dollar is the equivalent to one Gem).

Make sure you keep a close eye on proceedings once you’re ready to buy NFTs. Even though drops happen frequently, they’re always incredibly popular - so blink and you’ll miss out on lots of opportunities.

Take a look at the Pixar NFT drop that was released in March 2022. According to the Coin Telegraph, within 24 hours of being launched on VeVe, all 54,995 pieces of the Pixar Pals collection had been purchased.

This particular drop featured iconic moments and characters, including Edna Mode, Sheriff Woody, Lightning McQueen, Mike Wazowski… and everyone’s favourite, the house from Up. It’s estimated that the collection fetched the equivalent of $3.3 million in Gems - which is pretty good going indeed!

If you’re not having much luck, check out the secondary market for other Disney NFTs. Prices here might well be higher than elsewhere but the majority of Disney drops are in blind box format, so you never know what’s going to happen. With the secondary market, you can choose the exact NFT you’re looking for, even if you have to pay a little more for it.

Regardless, if you’re looking for collections that may well appreciate in value over time, Disney NFTs will always be an excellent choice. Disney is one of the biggest brand names of all time and, as such, any NFTs they decide to drop have great potential to become valuable in the future.