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NFT Trends in 2022

Mar 3, 2022 1:05 AM

2022 NFT Trends to Expect

Here are a few trends to expect regarding NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. 

NFT Utility Expansion

NFTs will hold more powerful value as they begin to take action in the industry scene. Brands will begin using NFTs for fan engagements, incentives, exclusive rights or access, or ownership of a physical entity, or right and be recognized by digital ownership. 

NFT Direction

More scrutiny will be coming to the NFT scene as the space begins to grow in many new directions. Regulation and governance are to be expected to prevent rug-pulls and other malicious deeds occurring via an NFT or crypto project.

Metaverse Collaboration

Many projects with the same visions and goals will be able to have collaborations with each other and allow NFTs of similar, or chain networks to be able to respond with each other. Creators and general users will move toward metaverses with more action.

Tokenized Economy

With big companies such as Tesla making movements into the crypto-scene, we see how crypto assets and tokens have over $2.5 billion of volume. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club have definitely shown greatly increased values.

NFTs and Crypto-assets are not new forms of currency and investment mediums. 

Overall crypto has been around for an extremely long time and its utilization will only increase over time.