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MultiNFT Launches Utility Token for Powered Concerts in Decentraland

Feb 25, 2022 8:58 AM

MultiNFT has also opened the doors to its Rage Club in Decentraland, represented by a grand three-floored edifice occupying prime real estate in the sought after Festival District. A 24-hour party hub which additionally offers an exceptional bounty for holders of the $MNFT token. For example, the asset will provide access to gated concerts, an arcade, as well as the rooftop VIP lounge.

Going forward, MultiNFT will book a wide range of talented musicians to perform at the venue, including world-class DJs and famous names in techno and metal. In addition, partygoers can also purchase Rage merchandise at the ground floor shop and peruse delicious artworks in the third-floor gallery.

This is not the end of MultiNFT’s metaverse ambitions however, as additional venues are in the works at fellow metaverses such as The Sandbox while Cryptovoxels is already up and running. So, expect further innovation from the MultiNFT team, as well as bags more utility from the $MNFT token.