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Coachella is Planning to Sell NFT- Based Lifetime Festival Passes

Feb 7, 2022 8:36 PM

You’ve heard of exclusive backstage passes or dinners with bands, etc. Well, now Coachella, the most famous music festival in the world, is auctioning off NFT-based lifetime passes! While that might not mean much to a casual listener, but the festival carries incredible value for fans.

Coachella NFT Lifetime Passes

In partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX US, the music festival has launched 3 collections of NFTs. They were made available on Friday, 4th of February, and will be available for auction worldwide. These are a total of 10 NFTs which will allow you to gain lifetime access to one weekend of the festival each April.

It will also give the owners access to “Coachella produced virtual experiences forever”. 

What are the Perks?

These passes will be tradeable, as made clear by Sam Schoonover, the innovation lead at the festival. There are greater perks involved than just the viewing pleasure for your entire life. Owners can get special viewing areas at the festival stages.

They will also get lifetime camping at the Safari Campgrounds and a private dinner prepared by professional chefs. The passes will need to be verified ahead of the festival weekends to gain access.

What Else?

The festival is also selling digital items which can be redeemed for physical art. Minting an NFT of the Sights and Sound Collection or the Desert Reflections Collection can yield physical posters or photos.

Coachell is selling 1000 such NFTs priced at $180. Buyers can use these to redeem a physical Coachella photo book. 10,000 such NFTs will be sold at $60 apiece. These can be redeemed for festival photos and never before heard soundscapes.