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Are NFTs hidden in Netflix's latest hit series ‘Love, Death + Robots’?

May 28, 2022 12:34 PM

Yes, here at NiftyDrops we can confirm there are some hidden NFTs inside Love, Death + Robots, and if you spot one, you collect it. The NFT industry has been innovating in so many ways and mass media is getting involved. And there is nothing bigger than the broadcaster Netflix. This is a big move by the show and is needed at a time of uncertainty in the market. The rise of new uses for NFTs is stagnating and its adoption via major platforms is needed. In a recent interview with artist Bilali Mack, he said how he sees the future of digital art, and it's why we're still here today. There's no better show than love death + robots for Netflix to experiment with NFTs. It's a sci-fi series of animated and mixed media that experiment with how we view tv, as well as promoting experimental animation and VFX. They have gone further by adding NFTs to the series. How does it work and how can you get one? 

Nine hidden QR codes are strewed across socials, billboards and the show itself. These codes lead to one digital collectable which reflects each episode in volume three and upon scanning the code, fans are led to the website which showcases Love, Death & Robots unique collective of visual perspectives & creative storytelling from volume 3. Visitors who decide to mint can easily do so for free. No gas fees are charged by Netflix or the producers. Only three QR codes have been revealed to the community. Head to the dedicated LOVE, DEATH+ART website for more information.

The main character Will Byers is an avid gamer who plays video games online. He also enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons. He loves horror movies and books about monsters. He watches many different kinds of TV shows, including sci-fi, fantasy, crime dramas, and comedies. He also likes to play sports. A playful series, which now will be famed for how Netflix can apply NFTs. The whole concept is a great first experiment to tie in the theme of love, death, and robots to their series. The viewer is asked to go out and hunt down the embedded collectable artwork. This could lead them to other products or services tied to the same themes as well. There are many interesting uses of NFTs being promoted but this has to be right up there! Art curator Tina Ziegleer explained recently how NFT's and web 3 technology can enable new artists to find their voice and promotes diversity. It's going to be interesting to see how NFTs can be used creatively to reach new or encourage established audiences.

Will you be watching the series to see if you can claim these NFTs from the show?