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New NFT Drops!

Aug 22, 2022 9:15 AM

Another day, another golden opportunity to start investing in the wonderful world of NFTs! We certainly live in interesting times and being alive during the digital age means we can enjoy all sorts of amazing technological wizardry across all walks of life… and what can be achieved these days really is quite remarkable!

If you’re new to the NFT arena, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about. The good news is that it isn’t particularly complicated and, with just a little bit of reading, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, whether you want to be an investor or a creator… or both!

NFT simply stands for non-fungible token. Think of these tokens as digital assets stored on the blockchain (which is a type of digital ledger). Every single NFT is entirely unique and can be used to prove ownership of digital files, whether we’re talking about an image, a video, an audio file or something else altogether.

Whether you’re an investor looking to amass an incredible collection or a creative keen to make your own NFTs, keeping an eye on the very latest NFT drops is always a good idea.

From a competitive standpoint, you can see what other people are making and how their offerings compare to yours, potentially finding new markets to tap into.

And from an investment point of view, being vigilant and watching what happens on the various marketplaces that now exist means you can spot new opportunities quickly and take advantage, getting a leg up on other investors and building a truly enviable portfolio for yourself… one that could potentially be very lucrative, if you play your digital cards right.

So, with all that in mind, what new NFT drops have been seen over the last few weeks or so? Here are just some of the very best that have caught our eye of late.

Rapper Aitch drops debut album

If there’s one person making waves in the UK music scene right now, it’s none other than Manchester-born rapper and songwriter Aitch. And his debut album Close To Home is just about to launch, along with an NFT collection, in partnership with Soga World and NFT music marketplace LimeWire.

What bang will you get for your buck? The artist’s first NFT collection includes a physical copy of the album, a unique work of NFT art and a signed poster, with a Mystery Box collection including virtual trading cards and art pieces.

The 46 lucky investors of these mystery boxes will also have the chance to win concert tickets, shopping experiences, music video shoots and a whole lot more.

Demand could be high for these NFT drops, however, because Aitch has just come under a bit of fire after the iconic Northern Quarter Akse mural of famed Manchester musician Ian Curtis was painted over on August 16th with an ad for his album… which has led to a very real outcry across the city and which has also prompted the rapper to take action and say the situation will be rectified as swiftly as is humanly possible.

Digital images from Sir Anthony Hopkins

Famed Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins is getting in on the NFT action, first as an investor and now as a seller, as well, with a new NFT series being unveiled in collaboration with digital goods startup Orange Comet.

According to Vanity Fair, the Eternal Collection - as it has been dubbed - features digital images of the actor as ten different archetypes from his five-decade film career. The Rebel, for example, sees Hopkins appear with a face mask rather like the one he wore in The Silence of the Lambs.

He had this to say about his first foray into digital tokens: “NFT is for me a blank canvas to create art in a new format. It’s fun to be the old guy on the block… the oldest guy.

“I’m interested in and fascinated by young people. But inspiration is reciprocal, and so I’m hoping to also return some inspiration to people by saying that everything is possible. Give it a whirl, have a go. That’s what I did in my life.”

Fox network releases show-based NFTs

It’s always interesting to see what big-name brands and conglomerates are up to and the Fox broadcast network has been toiling away behind the scenes to bring some interesting NFTs to the marketplace, all based on fan favourite TV shows.

For example, it recently dropped NFTs for its Masked Singer series on a site called the MaskVerse, according to Variety, a move that saw over 300,000 people set up digital wallets to collect the tokens. And it’s released digital collectables alongside WWE, tying in with the Friday Night Smackdown show.

But watch this space, as Fox and BCL will be teaming up once again to release Krapopolis NFTs, with the new animated comedy created by Dan Harmon of Rick and Morty fame.

Set in the mythical world of ancient Greece, the show is expected to premiere sometime next year on the network, with a new domain already registered and up and running.

Krap Chicken NFT collectables have already been launched, with buyers enjoying exclusive access to perks like private screen rooms, token-gated access to content, first-look access to upcoming NFT drops and invitations to online meet and greets with producers and cast members.

And not only that but NFT holders who build up enough credits may even find themselves lucky enough to secure a spot as an extra in the show, with an avatar of themselves appearing as a background character. Now that certainly sounds like a worthy investment to us!

Harmon said: “Krapopolis is unlike any series I’ve had a creative hand in. Building a fully realised world and a cast of zany characters on the blockchain has never been done before and, in terms of fan experience, it will come to life in a way no other show has.”

So there you have it! Keep an eye on the Fox space to see what happens next!