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Latest NFT Drops

Sep 20, 2022 3:51 PM

An NFT drop marks the specific date and time that an NFT goes on the market and is available for investors to purchase. Drops will have a starting price that can soar depending on popularity, so getting your purchases in at the initial drop can help you secure the bag before the price skyrockets.

You can always purchase NFTs on a secondary market, but they may have reached extortionate prices by then and your investment might end up being more costly than you bargained for.

Purchasing at the time of the drop helps you secure your goods at the best price, saving you money on your collection and helping you make more from your investments. However, if you miss a drop you can always scour the web for reasonable resale prices, or splurge on your favourites if you want to!

Staying up to date on drops is the best way to ensure you never miss one and are always ready to go. Following an NFT drop website can help you track dates and times meaning you always know when the best stuff is going to be up for grabs.

This is especially important for NFTs that might be rare, one of a kind or limited edition as you will want to grab these while you can before the resale value increases extortionately.

So, what are the latest NFT drops? You’ve got this far, it would be a shame not to share some of the latest NFTs with you, we’d never be that cruel. These are just a few of the NFTs which have dropped over the last few weeks. Okay, ready? Set? Go!

August 25th

Boredboy NFT Free Mint

Each boy will have his own personality, expressed through the amazing illustrative art of the NFT. There's a bored boy for everyone, whether you want a sporty boy, sleepy boy, naughty boy, happy boy or a cool boy!

SB Crypto sphere Astronauts Drop

Only 51 astronauts are up for grabs in this drop, making them unique and rare. Be sure to get in quick if you want to bag these fun little guys!


8888 randomly generated NFT characters are up for grabs here.

Triverse NFT Launch

A community-driven game allowing players to own and invest, with all characters, weapons, items, resources and achievements represented by non-fungible tokens. Own your own character and join the fun!

Playful Panties

Hand curated digitally produced lingerie, what could be better? A beautiful collection of 4444 unique and collectable undergarments are up for grabs in this drop. Bells, bows and charms galore and a colour to match every outfit.

Natsume Wave

10,000 super cute strawberry character NFTs are up for grabs here, with a range of colours, sizes and traits available. These NFTs are adorable and are sure to bring a cutesy touch to any collection.

Sick Ape Society Launch

4700 sick apes are available in this drop, you can even mint your ape and take part in a pay-to-earn game to win tokens and more.

August 26th

WAGMeow Mafia boasts a collection of 9,000 NFTs available for the taking!

Pleasures as Utility Drop

This super fin project aims to promote a positive sex culture, destigmatising sexual wellness and pleasure in a fun and interactive way. Early support can get their hands on all kinds of fun, exclusive benefits such as NFT printed condoms, art and toys.

Space Geese

This drop is an NFT project made up of a series of four story-telling games that follow a futuristic dystopia fun by hyper-technologized geese. 5,555 geese are ready to escape, could you be their new owner?

August 27th

SHIBU: Genesis Collection

A grand total of 9000 SHIBUs are up for grabs in this drop, each has multiple utilities, values and benefits and there are 290 traits available to give every one its very own style and personality.

Toki Universe Drop

A huge collection of 10,000 super cute human and animal characters are available in this drop. Each hand is drawn by artists to make the NFTs unique and specialised. With different traits available, each character will have a different combination of background, character type, body types, pets and accessories.

Unfunny Pig Wives

Need a wife for your unfunny pig? Watch this drop. If you have 10 or more pigs in your collection, you can get a free wife. Every ten pigs get you a free wife! Sharing could prove difficult, so maybe you should invest in a wife for all of your pigs.

August 28th

Hefty Hippos Public Mint

8,888 unique hefty hippos are dropping on this date. Each hippo helps to protect endangered African wildlife, so this investment is not only super cute but super beneficial. You can even breed your hippos and create a baby hefty hippo!

Kooky Kangaroos

A collection of 3,333 kooky kangaroos are ready to be sold in this drop. Help fight against animal cruelty and welfare by supporting the charities these NFTs back. You will also gain access to contests and giveaways by purchasing a kooky kangaroo NFT and becoming a community member.

August 30th

Rarity League Drop

Official licensed NFT collection of 2,500 one-of-a-kinds, fan-designed helmets, perfect for any superfans who want to represent their team.

Saga Of Veil

Saga of Veil offers 1660 character NFTs for the taking. Ownership of one of these fun NFTs gives you access to a fun pay-to-earn game of the same name so you can take your new friend for a fun ride!

These are just some of the amazing latest drops we need to keep an eye on, there are loads of drops every day of all sizes, varieties and styles. Whether you're looking to expand your NFT collection or are just starting out, this is a great way to enter the world of non-fungible tokens.

Although, you better get in there fast. NFTs are only becoming more and more popular. When they're gone, they're gone- at least at their original price. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for release times so you never miss the ones you're looking forward to!