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Best Upcoming NFT Drops

Nov 1, 2022 11:14 AM

NFTs still have a chokehold over the crypto world and everyone is loving them. New collections drop every day and snapping the best ones up to add to your collection can be a tough game.

The best part about collecting NFTs is the countdown. Watching and waiting for your favourite new drops can be so exciting, you have something to look forward to and there's always new stuff coming out so the fun is seemingly endless.

Keeping track of all the upcoming drops can be a little difficult though, lucky for us there are so many platforms that take care of the countdown so you can focus on surfing the web for your next purchase.

So, are there any big, juicy upcoming NFT drops? Of course there are! We can’t list them all for you here (although there’s a far more extensive list on our upcoming page) but we can help out with a few of them.


We've already seen some great drops already this month but there are still so many more cool creations to come.

21/10/22 Mogies

From the creators of The Simpsons universe comes the first ever animated NFT series. This is going to be one of the most exciting drops yet and with 1,923 NFTs in the collection up for grabs, it's one you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Inspired by the last century of Hollywood, the characters of Mogieland are sure to resemble some familiar faces. With superheroes and supervillains, talk show hosts, children’s characters and other fame-inspired characters, this drop is going to bring back a whole lot of familiarity and take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Purchase of these NFTs helps support the new animated series, so by buying you’ll be directly helping this entire adventure come to life. There are collectables and other merch to come in the future and many ways for you to get involved directly. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

27/10/22 Funky Egg Club

This drop contains 2/550 randomly generated eggs, each entirely unique and ranging in rarity. These NFTs come with an avatar that can be used in-game and exists in its own ecosystem. Each egg is colourful and fun and is sure to be a great asset to add to your collection.

28/10/22 MUMBOT

MUMBOT I dropping 100 GHOSTS on the 28th of October and each one is an entirely unique, hand-painted ghost-themed artwork. The MUMBOT world holds backstories, lore and storytelling so this drop will only add to the ever-growing MUMBOT universe.

This creator also has a range of toys and plushies available so you can grab your favourite creation in cuddly form. What’s not to love here?

30/10/22 Moonmons

This drop of an incredible 10,000 pieces of digital artwork is coming at the end of the month. Moonmons are 2D characters with their own aesthetic, outfits and accessories and are super cute and super cool little avatars that are perfect to add to your collection.

There's also a Moonmon pets drop planned, so you can add to your Moonmon collection with a furry (or not so furry) friend in the future!!

31/10/22 Little Bloody Friends

Halloween is upon is and the NFT world is joining in on the spooky festivities. This collection is the perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween. With 727 Little Bloody Friends available for you to sink your claws into, this drop is every horror fans dream- or nightmare.

Each Friend has a backstory, individual traits and a mission to accomplish. Are you brave enough to enter the world of Darkville?


12/11/22 Hootles

Now, this drop is just plain adorable. Hootles is a play-to-earn gaming collection curated of 3,333 pieces of art. These little owls are some of the cutest NFTs we have seen and are going to be the sweetest addition to any collection.

24/11/22 Treasury Launch

This launch is full of beautiful, sophisticated digital artwork. 10,000 pieces of completely unique artworks that reference historical sculptures and paintings from around the world are available in this drop with both 2d images and also some exclusive, 3d animated collectables up for grabs as well.

27/11/22 Moonie Moo

From the creators of PAW Patrol comes the Moonie Moo collection. With a huge 10,000 NFTs available, each Moonie Moo is randomly generated and entirely unique with its own hairstyle, outfits, accessories and even their personality!

Purchasing one of these NFTs also doubles as a share in the Moonie Moo empire.

These characters are glammed-up cows and vary in rarity, but you're sure to find a super sassy friend with Moonie Moos.


5/12/22 Unchained Elephants

This drop actually helps do some good in the real world so you better not miss this one.

This art project works to help rescue working elephants within Thailand and help give them a better life. The rescue of these captive animals chained by the tourist industry is the main goal of this drop.

All rescued elephants are sent to ethical rescue sanctuaries and the drop aims to brin awareness about how the tourism industry results in the poor treatment of these beautiful creatures.

There are 9,900 unique elephant NFTs available in this drop.

Not only will you help rescue elephants, you'll also receive a certificate of adoption from the rescued elephants and get the chance to tour one of the rescue sanctuaries that will house the newly freed animals.

This really is a for-good NFT drop that is working to raise awareness of real-world issues while engaging in a growing and developing web community. Projects like this really show just how innovative and advanced the NFT community is becoming.

So, there's just a small collection of the endless list of drops coming for the remainder of the year. There are so many more out there so keeping up to date eon new and exciting drops can reveal a whole lot of other content you might be interested in and if you miss any, there's always next time!